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April – Month in Review

Raw stats, social trends, and product roadmap.

Why share this information?

Many people are probably wondering why I would even want to share this information.  It’s not common for companies to give full insight into their metrics, but the transparency movement is growing, especially in the indie startup community, for a few reasons:

  • It’s important for companies to reflect on their progress and sharing this publicly keeps it honest and makes you put more thought into it
  • Communities are all about giving back, and if these metrics can help other companies avoid pitfalls I’ve made then I consider it a success
  • It’s inclusive and makes followers more involved

Raw Stats

  • Days since launch: 10 (since April 19th)
  • Page Views: 1023
  • Unique Visitors: 340
  • Subscribers: 31
  • Conversion Rate: 9.118%
Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 8.34.40 AM.png
Pageviews since Launch – cloudcampaign.io

Social Following

Product Progression


The demo trigger feature is very close to being launched.  I’m just finishing up some testing and doing security auditing of the whole system.  Once released, you will be able to specify a trigger source (initially just Twitter trends) and a trend that you’re interested in – say #nicolascage for example.  Whenever that term is trending, you’ll get an email containing the custom content you created.  It’s a simple way to test trigger frequency and accuracy before “releasing it into the wild” AKA having the trigger post to social media.


Increase the number of trigger sources, tie in social media platforms for content distribution, and prepare for the beta launch.

Thanks for reading!  Hopefully you found this helpful or interesting in one way or another.

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