Introducing Cloud Campaign’s Pilot Program

We’re pleased to offer a pilot program for startups and small companies (1-20ppl).  Building a great product takes more than just a team – it takes a community.  The pilot program is your opportunity to help shape our product to be something that you want to use everyday.  Something that helps you be more productive.  Something that helps you squash the competition on social media.


How It Works

We’ll work closely with you to develop social media content and an automation cycle to build your presence online.  Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness, find new customers, or find your niche, we’re here to help.

In exchange for hands-on help and a sizable discount, we ask for feedback throughout the process.


Who’s It For

The program is designed for small companies with a shipped product or service.  You must have existing social media accounts for your company that you are willing to dedicate at least 1 hour a week to.



Do you think your company would be a good match?  Please fill out the form below or visit our pilot page for more details.

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