$1 Facebook Ads – Lessons from Noah Kagan (2/2)

If you haven’t read Step 1 yet, go back and read that now.

Now that you’ve driven cheap traffic to your blog or article, it’s time to start collecting emails.

1. Create an Ad Audience

You should already have a Facebook Pixel installed on your site, now it’s time to create an audience from that Pixel.

Navigate to the Facebook Ads Manager.  Create a new audience from your website traffic.

untitled (1).png

2. Create a New Ad

Create a new ad and choose that new audience as the target.  Exclude anyone already on your mailing list.  Optimize the ad for ‘Conversions’ since we’re trying to collect emails.

The link in the ad should be to one of your landing pages with the sole purpose of collecting emails.  Here’s the page that performed best for Noah:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.51.07 PM.png

3. Track the Ad

Be sure to track the ad over time to remove negative comments or respond to any questions.

That’s it.  Happy list growing!

Check out Noah’s video explaining his methodology in more detail:

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