Marketing Agency Contract Templates

If you didn’t catch last week’s post with our handy Client Pricing Calculator, go check that out before reading on!

If you did, you’ll know that this week’s post covers the more nitty-gritty, but equally as important contractual side. Setting pricing and expectations for your services with your client in an email is one thing, however it is always much better to have such sensitive information in a formal contract. Formal contracts present both parties with sometimes-necessary legal grounds, peace of mind, and a level of professionalism that is more difficult to achieve in less formal communications.

DISCLAIMER: *This is not legal advice. Contract templates presented in this post are from third parties not related to Cloud Campaign, and thus Cloud Campaign takes no responsibility for the validity of these documents. Always consult a lawyer before signing legally binding documents.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here are some links to third parties that have great contract templates available for you to use with your clients!

Rocket Lawyer’s “Marketing Agreement” can be personalized based on the state where your agency resides, and this template is a fantastic place to start if your beginning from scratch.

In addition to this template, Rocket Lawyer has numerous others – including an Independent Contractor Agreement, Artist-Agency Agreement, and Copyright Agreement!

Another excellent resource for contract templates is LegalZoom. Similar to Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom lets you search a large database of contract templates which can be edited and downloaded “within minutes”. Depending on your agency’s needs, their Agency Agreement, Consulting Services Agreement and Management Services Agreement might all be great places to start!

If you are feeling unsure about these templates or would like to ask a lawyer about whether or not your contracts put you in legal jeopardy, it is always worth consulting with a local Attorney. Oftentimes consultations can be costly, though, and if you just have a quick question it may be worth starting with a service such as JustAnswer first. JustAnswer gives you the option to ask a lawyer a question over a live chat, or can connect you over the phone for a small fee (less than $100!). They operate using a subscription model, so if you just have one question be sure to cancel your membership right after!

Hopefully this post provides you with some useful resources to move forward with. Next week, we’ll be jumping back into the “fun stuff” – taking a deep dive into the world of customer psychology and how you can capitalize on that to make great business decisions and grow your agency! Be sure to keep up with us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss out!

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