4 Cold-Email Techniques To Win New Business:

Ever wondered how to increase your email open rates and avoid the dreaded depths of customers’ SPAM folders?

The differences between cold-emails and spam are so subtle that it can often make it pretty challenging to get email marketing right. Email inboxes, voicemails and even LinkedIn accounts now are hit with mass messages daily – and so standing out amongst the noise can be difficult. When you don’t already have a close connection to your audience, or when your audience may be too large to realistically approach one by one, you may be tempted to look to email blasts to get their attention. If not done carefully, however, your attempts to contact them may feel “spammy”.

Spam can seriously tarnish your reputation, but cold-emailing, if done correctly, can help you win clients and grow your business successfully!

Here are some cold-emailing tips for you to try in your next outreach campaign… give them a go and let us know how they work!  

  1. Include your recipient’s name in the subject line. This can increase your open rate by 22.2%!
  2. A/B test your subject line. Fine tuning it can increase open rates by 49%!
  3. Personalize wherever possible. While this takes time, it’s absolutely worth it – and can increase your reply rate by 100%!
  4. Be sure to send multiple follow-up emails. This could triple your reply rate!

At the end of the day, the person on the other end of the email wants to know that you are in fact, too, a person. Spending that extra bit of time attempting to connect on a personal level WILL pay off!

Got any more cold-emailing tips that you think work well?  Reach out to us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn to let us know about them!

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