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BARKER SOCIAL: Why Cloud Campaign is the Best Social Media Scheduler & Reporting Tool

 Mandi Gould   June 29, 2018

If you’re looking for the best social media scheduler, you’ve got to try Cloud Campaign. We switched to Cloud Campaign a few months ago and we couldn’t be happier!

Context & Background

We’ve been working in social media for several years now and between our team, we’ve used most of the big scheduling tools that are available. For a long-time, MeetEdgar’s content recycling abilities were revolutionary and really helped to shape the way that we could execute smart and strategic content marketing campaigns; it was the basis for our social media methodology.

Early on, we had experienced some positive customer service from Edgar but when it came to all of the image and API problems, they just didn’t seem to care. Even when I let them know that if there wasn’t a solution we were going to have to look to find a new option and shut down five Edgar memberships (holding up to 25 connected accounts in each), it just didn’t seem to matter to them. It was extremely frustrating and we finally felt ready to move on.

But what would we use instead?

At the same time, parallel to our scheduling problem we were also struggling with inefficient and prone-to-break reporting mechanisms. It’s extremely important to our digital marketing agency that we offer our clients real transparency, accountability, and meaningful ROI metrics. When we first launched Barker Social we had partnered with an excellent data analyst to create custom reports for our clients and the way that we were using and interpreting data was really unique and helpful… But the reports would break all the time. Month after month we struggled with complicated and delicate spreadsheets that would have to be quadruple checked and fixed manually and reporting day became the most dreaded day of the month.

Enter Cloud Campaign.

Cloud Campaign has solved all of our schedule and reporting problems. And they’re a pleasure to work with. They also offer a superior service that I can’t speak about highly enough.

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