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Be More Open on Twitter

Twitter is a unique platform in the sense that is very open.  You can view anyone’s profile, content is discoverable by topic, and you never know who you’ll rub shoulders with.

By being more open on your personal Twitter, you can further build your company’s brand by putting a face to the company.  Sharing problems you’re facing can indirectly solicit advice from experts, and just sharing behind-the-scenes info about your product might lead to new customers.


Make Your Brand Personal

Internet businesses are global and accordingly, brands are becoming less personal.  Tying your face and personality to your company is an effective way to make it relatable and begin to build a stronger bond between the customer and you.


Get Expert Advice

You never know who’s reading your tweets.  In the past, I’ve tweeted about difficulties with sales, content marketing, and conversion tracking.

The tweet about sales led to a long email discussion where a stranger on Twitter read through my cold email copy and even gave me revisions.

Faced with a difficult decision about where to spend my time and energy, I went to Twitter to discuss content marketing.  Noah Kagan, the king of marketing, replied, steering me in the right direction.

I most recently posted a screenshot of our Google Analytics goal tracking, trying to get a better grasp on how to track conversions moving forward and it led to a new customer discovering our product.

The fact is, people are willing to give advice and help, as long as they know you need it.


Attract New Customers

Giving a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on in the company is a great way to get new customers.

Show a sneak peek of a new feature/product you’re working on.  Or simply post pictures at your workspace or at conferences you go to.


The informality of Twitter really gears itself towards this untraditional approach of furthering your career.  Need advice on anything social media related?  Drop me a tweet — @b0rno

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