#SocialSkim – Week of June 18th

#SocialSkim This week in social media: LinkedIn Kudos According to  LinkedIn, 7/10 employees who receive appreciation for their work say they are happy with their job.  "Kudos" provides a new fun and easy way to share appreciation for people in your professional community. To use this feature, simply click on the ribbon icon in the … Continue reading #SocialSkim – Week of June 18th

SummitLive SF: 2018 Recap

SummitLive is a multi-location marketing conference held every year focused on B2B. If you missed it, no worries!  Our team was at the event capturing the key takeaways so marketers like yourself could benefit. The Keynote Geoffrey Colon, Sr. Marketing Communications Designer at Microsoft, took us through the history of live video, largely focused on … Continue reading SummitLive SF: 2018 Recap

Causative vs Correlative – Understanding your Data

In marketing, data is everything. If you understand how to leverage your data and analytics, you can more effectively reach your target audience, create more engaging content, and ultimately increase your ROI. But, how do you distinguish between real insights and red herrings?  This starts with understanding the difference between causative and correlative relationships. Anecdote … Continue reading Causative vs Correlative – Understanding your Data

We Turned Ads OFF and Doubled our Website Traffic

We were running a couple Google AdWords campaign, but getting no results! People were coming to our page, but quickly bouncing and not buying. I thought maybe we were attracting the wrong people or sending them to the wrong landing page.  We experimented a few different variations and were able to get a fairly high … Continue reading We Turned Ads OFF and Doubled our Website Traffic

Your Content Marketing SUCKS

Marketing is a competition -- a competition for attention. You don't need to have a perfect copy or the be-all, end-all marketing approach.  You just need to be more compelling than your competitors. The problem is nearly every company has adopted a digital marketing strategy, making more noise and more competition for you to fight … Continue reading Your Content Marketing SUCKS

Cold Email Outreach is DEAD

Look in your email inbox.  How many emails did you receive this week?  How many emails did you receive today? Simply looking at the sheer volume of emails sent every day, you can't get mad about a prospect not responding to your unsolicited cold email. The reality is they have no obligation to respond and … Continue reading Cold Email Outreach is DEAD

Our Complete Marketing Stack – Content Creation

The most important part of marketing is arguably content creation.  Creative assets should be focused on drawing new customers in and building your brand. Here is the complete stack that we currently use for creating the content we use for marketing.   Graphic Design Sketch - $99 Sketch is powerful design toolkit that makes it easy … Continue reading Our Complete Marketing Stack – Content Creation

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

There are two sides to marketing — the fun, creative side and the mundane, repetitive side. No one really likes doing the mundane part of marketing, but it’s a crucial step in achieving success. Some of it can be automated through tools, such as Cloud Campaign, but there are some tasks that need a human touch, and … Continue reading How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Increase Your Sales With Only 4 Minutes a Week

Social media is an effective channel for driving inbound leads to your website or storefront.  Over 2 Billion people actively surf Facebook each month, which makes it the perfect platform for marketing. However, staying up to date on social media is time-consuming.  Finding or creating content to share is costly (both monetary and time), and … Continue reading Increase Your Sales With Only 4 Minutes a Week