#SocialSkim – Week of June 18th

#SocialSkim This week in social media: LinkedIn Kudos According to  LinkedIn, 7/10 employees who receive appreciation for their work say they are happy with their job.  "Kudos" provides a new fun and easy way to share appreciation for people in your professional community. To use this feature, simply click on the ribbon icon in the … Continue reading #SocialSkim – Week of June 18th

SummitLive SF: 2018 Recap

SummitLive is a multi-location marketing conference held every year focused on B2B. If you missed it, no worries!  Our team was at the event capturing the key takeaways so marketers like yourself could benefit. The Keynote Geoffrey Colon, Sr. Marketing Communications Designer at Microsoft, took us through the history of live video, largely focused on … Continue reading SummitLive SF: 2018 Recap

How will GDPR affect Marketing Agencies

On May 25th, 2018, new GDPR regulations will take effect, impacting all companies that process personal data about individuals. RSVP for our webinar to learn more! What is the GDPR? GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation focused on the privacy and data protection of individuals in the European Union.  The law pertains to companies, … Continue reading How will GDPR affect Marketing Agencies

Is Social Media Engagement Important?

Social media marketing typically isn't about engagement.  Most marketers strive to optimize link clicks or impressions. Link clicks can drive sales, while impressions increase brand awareness. With this in mind, engagement is typically not in the forefront for most marketers. However, engagement is extremely important. Engaging content will not only reach more people (impressions), but it … Continue reading Is Social Media Engagement Important?

Twitter’s Policy Updates and What it Means for Cloud Campaign

Twitter recently announced some fairly large changes to their policy regarding autonomous tweeting and the use of scheduling apps. If you're using a scheduling app that doesn't follow these updated guidelines, your accounts are at risk of being suspended.  Luckily, if you use Cloud Campaign for managing your Twitter and other social media accounts, your accounts are … Continue reading Twitter’s Policy Updates and What it Means for Cloud Campaign

Understanding your Social Media Analytics

Analytics are only valuable if you can understand them.  Let's dive into Cloud Campaign's social media analytics to help you better interpret them.   Glossary Reach / Impressions: The number of times a given post was viewed (not unique users) Engagement: Likes, comments, or shares Post Type: A type of post defined by its characteristics … Continue reading Understanding your Social Media Analytics

Be More Open on Twitter

Twitter is a unique platform in the sense that is very open.  You can view anyone's profile, content is discoverable by topic, and you never know who you'll rub shoulders with. By being more open on your personal Twitter, you can further build your company's brand by putting a face to the company.  Sharing problems you're facing can … Continue reading Be More Open on Twitter

Recurring Weekly Trends to Capitalize On

Recurring trends are a great way to be discovered by new followers with minimal effort. They're predictable and a great way to engage thousands of new eyes each week. The most common weekly hashtags on Twitter are: Monday #MCM (Man Crush Monday) #MotivationMonday #MusicMonday   Tuesday #TransformationTuesday #TravelTuesday   Wednesday #WellnessWednesday #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) … Continue reading Recurring Weekly Trends to Capitalize On