The Twitter Purge Revealed

If you listen to The #SocialSkim, you already know that Twitter purged millions of fake accounts earlier this month. This mostly affected brands that purchased fake followers.  There are some exceptions for well-known brands that bots likely followed to seem more like real users. So, let's take a journey through a handful of top Twitter … Continue reading The Twitter Purge Revealed

The #SocialSkim – Week of July 23rd

#SocialSkim This week in social media: Facebook Messenger Syncs With Instagram Facebook has launched a new feature which will allow Messenger to pull contacts from Instagram. The option can be enabled by going into the "People" tab on Messenger and syncing their contacts. Once the link is established, users will be able to communicate with … Continue reading The #SocialSkim – Week of July 23rd

The #SocialSkim – Week of July 16th

#SocialSkim This week in social media: Facebooks Tests Branded Content Partnership Labels In yet another move to increase transparency, Facebook has started testing new information labels for paid partnerships. Similar to the political labels, if instituted, a Branded Content icon would appear on images and posts. This icon would be clickable and would provide the … Continue reading The #SocialSkim – Week of July 16th