Don't Fall Victim to Instagram's Shadowban

What is it?

Instagram will decrease your posts’ visibility if you regularly use the same hashtags or over-hashtag.  Accounts trying to abuse hashtags to increase exposure will actually see the opposite effect due to Instagram’s Shadowban.
Other ways to become shadowbanned include using banned hashtags and using bots to auto-like or comment.
In severe cases, your posts may even be hidden to other users if your account is shadowbanned.  From your perspective, everything will look normal, but for other users, your account’s posts will be hidden.

Using the Same Hashtags

If you have a list of 30 hashtags that you copy and paste into every Instagram post, chances are, you’re abusing Instagram’s intended use of hashtags.
Instead, use fewer hashtags and mix them up between every post.

Using Banned Hashtags

If users begin posting explicit content with a given hashtag, it will become banned.
To test if a hashtag is banned, search for it on Instagram and see if the results are hidden.
For example, #adulting is banned and all recent posts are hidden from search results.  Using a banned hashtag can affect your account’s visibility.


Using Bots

Using bots to post at a normal frequency is fine; however, using bots to simultaneously like or comment on multiple posts is not.  If your account is caught doing this, you will likely be shadowbanned.
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