How Much Should You Charge Your Social Media Clients?

In this post, we will be addressing one of our most Frequently Asked Questions: “How much should I charge my clients?”

Before we get started, know that our recommendations below are just that -recommendations based on average numbers that we see in this industry. At the end of the day, how much you charge your clients should depend on you time commitments, their specific needs and your skill level – but answering these 8 simple questions in this flow chart should help get you started if you’re unsure.

Start from the top, and add up the numbers as you go!

Once you have decided on how much you’d like to charge your clients, be sure to have an open conversation with them and make sure you both agree to a clear pricing structure – ideally on paper. This will help set expectations for both parties moving forward!

Try out our Agency Cost Calculator to ensure you’re charging your clients the right amount!

In our next post we’ll be sharing links to some handy pricing contract templates – so keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss out!

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