How Pied Piper went from utter dismay to receiving multiple offers

News travels quickly in the valley, and many of you have probably heard by now that Richard Hendricks, founder of Pied Piper, has received multiple offers for his decentralized internet.
But it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine for the team of misfits, so how did Pied Piper go from near extinction to receiving acquisition offers from many of the top prestigious, fictitious VCs in the mecca of startups?
Most ill-informed gawkers would say it was due to the tech and the unrivaled middle-out compressiongiphy (1) algorithm Richard had developed years back.  Others, who just saw the interactions from the surface, would assume their success was attributed to Gilfoyle’s smart refrigerator malware.
But Nay. There success was deep rooted.  It began months prior to the near meltdown.  Jared, the company’s head of business development, used the remainder of their dwindling budget on the one thing he felt could keep them alive and away from the dangerous grasp of Hooli – social media marketing.  He knew it had the potential to have tremendous reach without the expenses of traditional marketing.
Hearing of a new startup in the space, Jared signed up for Cloud Campaign.  The platform allowed him to configure automated social media posts triggered by industry trends.  One such trend was ‘#hooliscollapse’.  Little did he know, at the point of Pied Piper’s near collapse, Hooli was experiencing their own case of public turmoil resulting in Jack Barker being held hostage in a foreign country.
This timely, automated post, spread like a wild fire, increasing the number of Pied Piper downloads by tenfold, and thus giving Pied Piper the critical mass they needed to sustain their decentralized network in the brink of time.
This has been a satirical self-promotion by Cloud Campaign – we hope you enjoyed it!
Cloud Campaign allows you to trigger social media posts on various data sources, including Twitter or Google trends.  The platform opens for Beta access today, June 26th.

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