How To: Design Your Logo

Last week we covered all the necessary steps for setting up your new Freelance Marketing Agency, like finding the perfect name for your company, forming your LLC and opening your business bank account – but, as a Freelance Marketer, you’re probably feeling ready to get CREATIVE!

Later on in this series we will dive into how you’ll best differentiate your agency from others and how you’ll ultimately curate your brand – but for now, a major stepping stone is designing your logo.

The three things you’ll want to take into consideration when designing your logo are: Color, Typography & your Competition.

Color: This article summarizes color psychology, and could be a great resources when choosing a color for your logo. Did you know, the color Blue is often considered “trustworthy” and “intelligent”? Perhaps the Dell, Twitter, Visa and Samsung designers were onto something…

Typography: Typography is also key. Adobe Fonts, (previously “Typekit”), has a ton of great options, and you could try mixing multiple fonts, italics and boldness for added creativity.

Competition: Be sure to check out your existing competitor’s logos, too. Differentiating your brand will be imperative in your ability to scale, and if you plan to Trademark your logo you’ll need to show that yours is unlike any others!

If designing a logo from scratch isn’t your thing, there are a number of other options available to you, from automated logo creation websites to graphic designers available for hire. The number of options out there may feel overwhelming, so we are here to break it all down!

When looking at third-party logo creators, three things to consider are: ORIGINALITY, TIME and COST. One of these considerations may be a top priority for you – so take a look at the list below for our breakdown!

ORIGINALITY: Depending on how you plan to scale your agency, and whether or not you plan to trademark your logo, you may be concerned with the originality of your design. Using stock images or sites that design logos automatically will likely produce logos that are less unique in nature, compared with hiring a graphic designer.

TIME: Automated logo design websites will likely be your fastest option. When hiring a freelance graphic designer, the time it takes to get your logo will vary – so be sure to ask!

COST: There are many “free” options for you to choose from, but we’ve also seen freelancers charge a lot for a logo design. If cost is a factor for you, check out the list below!

Service Cost Time Originality
Starts at $20
Starts at $13
Brand Mark
Starts at $25

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