2020: How To Finish Strong

Ready for some top tips for how to finish strong in 2020?! This year has been quite something, but we’re in the final push and have a fantastic opportunity this month to send this year off with positivity, success, and with energy for 2021.

While I don’t want to jinx anything, I’m going to go ahead and call it here first: 2021 will be better. It will be better for our physical health, better for our mental health and better for our business. How do I know this? Well, I don’t – but what I do know is that with a positive mentality and a bit of preparation, we can close out this year with a BANG and gear up for a great year ahead.

Let’s start by looking at how we can close out 2020 in a way that will energize and prepare us for a great 2021. This all starts by tying up loose ends; you know, those To-Do’s that have been on your list all quarter – and by getting organized for what’s to come.

So, without further a-do, here are my top tips for rounding out a successful 2020 with the few weeks we have left; and for gearing up for a high-speed start in 2021.

Block time off NOW for the To-Do’s that are unfinished

It might look like things are slowing down on your calendar as we approach the holidays, and if you’re anything like me you’ve told yourself you’ll get to your final To-Do’s next week or the week after. Yet, haven’t we been telling ourselves that for the last few months? The truth is, while your calendar may look open now with teammates disappearing off on PTO and clients shutting down for the holidays, something will pop up. The solution? Block off a few hours on your calendar now to make sure you have enough time to smash out those final To-Do’s. Now is not the time to procrastinate – just get ‘em done!

Grab yourself a new planner for 2021

Personally, I love a handwritten planner. There’s something so satisfying about crossing off my To-Do’s, and handwriting an agenda gives my brain a break; if it’s on paper, I know I won’t forget. Whether you’re a fan of the handwritten planners and calendars like me, or you like everything to be digital for easy access – just start with a clean slate. Starting with a clean slate will let you tack next year’s To-Do’s with a new set of priorities, and should help you round out 2020 with no pesky carryovers.

Reflect on milestones achieved this year, and set new ones

This year has been a whirlwind, and you should be so proud of everything that you achieved this year under unprecedented circumstances. Take a minute to reflect on everything that you have accomplished! After you’ve soaked that in, it’ll be time to set some goals for next year. Take a look at any 2020 goals you might have missed and why, and add them to the agenda for 2021. Also, take the time to consider new goals; goals that reflect the state of your business today. Last year our team set personal resolutions in addition to our company goals, which was a lot of fun!

Last of all, take some time to unwind! You deserve it, and there’s no better way to gear up for next year than to take a nap, take a bath, and focus on something other than work for a moment. Enjoy the holidays, prioritize yourself, and know that the team here at Cloud Campaign is always here to help you if you need it!

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