How to Get Started with Freelance Marketing:

Whether you’re looking to start your own Freelance Marketing business as a full-time career, or as a supplement to your current income, Freelance Marketing can be an excellent step towards greater financial independence. Launching your Freelance Marketing business will require some hard work, but we’re here to make things easier with some simple steps on how to get going!

Identifying your skillset will be an integral part of starting, and growing, your Freelance Marketing business. Marketing has so many different facets, so really consider where you might be able to add the most value to your clients. This will help in the long run, because having happy clients means referrals!

Here are just a few areas that you might consider focusing on:

All require a very different set of skills, so think about which you might be best at. Also consider how much time you’d like to spend on Freelance Marketing and whether you’re building your skillset from scratch, as certain areas may come more naturally to you than others!

Our next post will cover this in more detail, but a fundamental part of kickstarting your Freelance Marketing Business will be to, well, set up your business! Designing your logo, forming an LLC, setting up your Bank Account, and registering your Domain may all seem very intimidating, but we can assure you it’s all much simpler than it seems. There are fantastic tools out there to help, and we’ll share a step by step guide that’ll make setting up your business a breeze.

Once you’ve honed in on your skillset, it’ll be time to search for clients who are looking for someone just like you. Websites such as upwork, Fiverr and Toptal are great platforms for promoting yourself and you’ll often get the chance to bid for projects that potential clients have shared.

Alternatively, you could try reaching out to local businesses to see if they could use your help. Perhaps a business has recently changed hands and the new owner is looking to spruce things up with a flashy logo, or maybe a business is closing down and wants to spread word of a close-out sale. There are countless ways that local business may need a helping hand, and the only way you’ll know is to ask so don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there! All that spam you get in the mail that usually goes straight in the trash could be an excellent place to start pulling business names and numbers from, and of course, there’s always Google.

Once you’ve found your first client, the final step will be to grow your business. This starts with making sure you add as much value as you can for your client. A happy client will often refer you to friends, and may even bring you on for more projects in the future.

Outside of this, you can use your own set of marketing skills to promote yourself. Try posting regularly to social media, sharing blog posts and newsletters, and following up with any possible leads. Of course, you can continue with Step 3 as well!

Success doesn’t come overnight, but it’ll be well worth the hard work when it comes. Whether it’s the additional income that you’re after, or the freedom that comes with working for yourself, Freelancing will open doors that you never knew existed. Follow along with the rest of our blogs for more, and don’t forget to check out our next post “Designing A Logo For Your Marketing Agency”.

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