How to get the Most out of a Guest Speaker

If you are organizing an event or maybe you run a podcast and you’ve spent a significant amount of time or money securing a guest speaker, make sure you’re using him or her to their full potential.

Use their Name when Promoting

If you’ve secured a big name or if they work for a big logo, using that information in your event title or when promoting your event can be a great way to add validation.
Potential attendees might not be familiar with your event, but they may be familiar with your guest speaker, thus making your event more discoverable and more legitimate.

Leverage your Speaker’s Network

Chances are if the speaker is an influencer in their respective space, they have a substantial following.
Simply ask the speaker to promote the event leading up to it using social media or email.
Make it extremely simple for them by pre-creating some content that they can easily share.
In some situations, you might want to even include this agreement in a contract that you sign with the guest speaker if it is a paid gig.
Once the event has completed, be sure to tag the speaker when sharing recaps on social media.  Ask them to re-tweet and share the posts.

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