How to Hire a Social Media Intern for $0.25/hr

Spoiler: I'm not talking about outsourcing.

Managing social media for your company can be difficult, especially when you have 100 other things on your plate.  You know that consistency is crucial and that you should be tracking engagement, but you just don’t have time for it.

Enter interns.  A social media intern can help curate content, post to social media, track engagement, and look for brand mentions.  This alleviates all of the low-level tasks and allows you to focus on the big picture.  But, I know what you’re asking – “How much is this going to cost me?  I don’t want to spend my tight budget on hiring interns”

What if I told you, you can hire a full time intern for just 25 cents an hour?  Interested yet?

I’m not talking about outsourcing your social media to some third-world country where your brand’s reputation is at risk.  I’m not talking about undercutting high school kids to manage your accounts.

I’m talking about artificial intelligence.

A cluster of servers programmed with one thing in mind – make your life easier and increase your social media engagement.  Cloud Campaign utilizes machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence to help your company’s social accounts thrive at only $40 a month.  Assuming 40hr weeks, and ~4 weeks a month, that comes out to $0.25 an hour for a full time social media manager that has the brain capacity of 8 super computers*, memory better than an elephant, and runs on zero sleep.

* may be a bit of an exaggeration 🤓

Content Curation

Accomplishing what it would take 10 years for a team of interns to do, Cloud Campaign analyzes millions of social media posts to help you create the most engaging content.  All of these posts are fed into a machine learning model that can predict how many likes, shares, and comments your post will receive before you even post it.

Cloud Campaign’s Post Outcome Prediction model

While this feature is still being iterated on and tested, it should be released for public use in the coming months.

Posting to Social Media

There are 3 ways to post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) using Cloud Campaign:

  1. Weekly Schedule – Choose the days and times you want to post, and fill a queue with content.  It’s as easy as that.  Post two times a day, every Monday morning, Friday afternoon – it’s all up to you.
  2. Dynamic Interval Schedule – Recycle your top posts at increasing longer intervals.  Share a blog post the day your write it, 1 day later, 1 week later, then 1 month later.  Recycling your top content increases exposure; on average, a single post is only seen by less than 5% of your audience.
  3. Triggers – Triggers can help your content achieve virality.  With Cloud Campaign you can automate content to be posted on trends, weather, and more.  That means if a topic related to your company is trending, you can send out a Tweet.  Or if it’s raining where your business is located, you can post an offer to Facebook.  Triggers require a little bit of creativity, but the options are really limitless.
Schedules and Triggers

Track Engagement

View posts in live time and take action directly from the dashboard.  If a post isn’t performing well, take it out of rotation; if it is performing well, considering making a look-alike post.  AI will step in a make recommendations based off relative performance.

You can also view a year’s worth of historical analytics to analyze weekly, monthly, or even seasonal trends.  Monitor both your follower count and post engagement.

BuzzFeed’s Twitter Historical Analytics

What’s stopping you from hiring an experienced, committed intern for $0.25 an hour?

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