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March – Month in Review

Ross Gray joins Cloud Campaign as Co-Founder and CMO.

About “Month in Review”

I’ve learnt tremendous amounts from other companies through the transparency movement.  My hope is that I can pay it back by being transparent about Cloud Campaign’s journey in hopes that it will help other budding startups one day.

Bringing on a Co-Founder

March was a huge month for Cloud Campaign.
Ross Gray joined as Co-Founder and CMO.  He will be heading customer acquisition and retention.
Ross comes from a background in marketing and has started a couple companies in the past including a media production company and a jewelry business.  When not working on Cloud Campaign, you can find Ross in San Diego with his dog, Milo.

Narrowing our Focus

We turned off all ads halfway through the month.  All focus went towards finding our true target customer and having an open dialogue about issues they’re facing.
Our value proposition has really resonated with marketing agencies, and we hope to focus heavily on onboarding 2-4 new clients each month.
We onboarded a small-medium sized marketing agency near Toronto, mid-month.  They’ve had some great feature requests already that have shaped much of our product planning for the next couple weeks.

Product Progression


Hate having to log on to each social network every time you publish a new YouTube video, write a new blog post, add a new item to your Shopify store, etc…? Now you don’t have to!

Cloud Campaign’s auto-publisher will detect new content and automatically share it to all of your social media accounts for you.

Wrote a new blog post? Already published to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Added a new shirt to your Shopify store? Bam! Already receiving clicks on Facebook

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Interested in giving your clients access to your Cloud Campaign account or sharing analytics branded with your logo and company URL?

Now you can with our custom white labeling. You can upload your logos for a custom branded workspace, client portal, branded client reports, and a custom URL.

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Cloud Campaign stores your content forever in a library for easy recycling and collaboration. But, that also means it can be hard to sort and organize your content.

Content Categories allow you to tag content items so you can sort and schedule by tags.

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Content Creators

While the option to add content creators has existed for a bit now, the content creator dashboard saw a refresh.

You can add clients, freelancers, graphic designers, etc… to your Cloud Campaign account as content creators. This allows them to upload and manage creatives without having access to any of the scheduling or analytics.

Website Analytics

In most cases, you’re marketing your business on social media to drive more traffic to your website, so it only makes sense to have your analytics fully integrated.

You can now link your Google Analytics account to Cloud Campaign to view your social media and website analytics side-by-side. We also built a proprietary scoring system to score the health of your traffic coming from social vs traffic coming from other sources.

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Raw Stats

  • Time since Beta launch: 9 month (June 26th)
  • Total Page Views: 24,260 (+30%)
  • Unique Visitors: 7,994 (+14.8%)
  • Subscribers: 482 (+5.5%)
  • Monthly Page Views: 5,613 (+10.6%)
  • Monthly Visitors: 1,030 (-37%)
  • Conversion Rate for the month:  1.55% (+135%)

Customer Metrics

  • Users: 469 (+7.8%)
  • Customers: 17
  • Triggers/schedules Created:  494 (+12.5%)

Ad Spend

  • Facebook: $165.08
  • Google AdWords: $106.39
  • CTR: 1.72%
  • Cost per Impression: $0.02
  • Cost per Engagement: $0.13
  • Cost per Follower: $3.05

Revenue Metrics

  • Revenue: +403%
  • Revenue Delta: +134k%  😂

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.16.46 AM.png
Big jump in pageviews-per-session and session duration.  The drop in sessions and users is a result of turning off Google AdWords.  Yet, what’s promising is there is still an increase in monthly pageviews.
Cloud Campaign social media and website report
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.21.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.20.20 AM.png

Social Following

What’s stopping you from finding new customers on social media today?  The first month is on us – Sign Up

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 11.23.21 AM.png
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