Micro-Influencers: Are They Worth It?

We all know what a social influencer is – you know, those Gen-Z YouTubers who drive flashy cars and get paid big money to, well, exist? And while they may be an excellent tool for brand advertisers to reach size-able, loyal audiences they don’t come cheap! That said, there’s still a lot that you can do in this space for a fraction of the cost. Enter – the micro-influencer.

What is a Micro-Influencer?

While 10,000 Instagram followers may seem like a lot, it’s actually no in the world of social influencers! Micro-influencers typically have anywhere from 3,000 to 50,000 followers on social media and are building a tribe of loyal viewers . Viewers love who they are, what they stand for, the clothes they wear and the products they use! These micro-influencers fall into all categories, from athletics to beauty bloggers. They have the personality to win the hearts and minds of other social media go-ers.

Lastly, they are in the early stages of building their following. They have just enough to stand out, but not so much that they are swamped by offers from big brands of expensive product and hefty pay checks.

Should You Use Micro-Influencers?

The short answer is YES! Why? Because, working with micro-influencers can be incredibly cheap, if not free. More often than not involves you sending nothing more than a product sample in exchange for a shout-out.

Another reason? Their earliest followers will be some of their most loyal, and their interests will likely be fairly similar.

Take a mommy blogger for example. Individuals who follow her will likely be new moms themselves, looking for advice or new products. If this influencer shares information on the product that helps get their newborn to sleep, you bet their followers will too!

How to Find Micro-Influencers:

Finding micro-influencers is as easy as spending a little time on social media yourself. Try searching for hashtags that are relevant to your brand, or search your brand’s “discover” page where there will be recommendations for trending posts and people who fit your category.

Then, compile a list of these people, scroll their feeds to ensure alignment, and send them a quick message introducing your brand and your offer! Typically, individuals with fewer than 10,000 followers will not be financially compensated for their collaborations. Those with 10,000-50,000 will earn less than $500 for a post.

Once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s worth putting together a short contract with details for what will be shared as part of the collaboration, and what the compensation will be!

Note: while micro-influencers may come for the fraction of the cost, they may not be seasoned social media professionals like their influencer expert counterparts. With that, comes an element of risk – so do your due diligence and choose a micro-influencer whose lifestyle and personality suits that of your agency’s brands.

So, with that small word of warning, what are you waiting for? The micro-influencers of today are the influencers of tomorrow, so jump on that band wagon and get your brands in front of the world!

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