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September – Month in Review

Maturing the product.

Product Progression


We spent the majority of August defining the core product and taking feedback from early adopters to mould the feature set.  We launched a v0.2 on September 11th with the main focus moving away from triggers and towards recycling content.

This included adding a content library, a place where all of your content lives, which gave us the ability to give further insight on content engagement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.02.52 AM.png
Content Info View

Each content item has its own dashboard now so you can quickly see at a glance how it has performed, what queues it lives in, and the actual posts.

We heard that managing a brand requires trust and two areas that were causing some early adopters to lose trust in our platform were the UI and the “black hole” of upcoming posts.  Rickey, the Head of Product Management, spent a significant amount of time addressing the first issue – redesigning the look and feel of most pages and the navigation.  I wish we had before and after screenshots to show; the changes were significant.

We then set out to make the posting schedule clear and transparent.  We now have an upcoming posts section where you can see what is going out, when, and why.  There are also high-level stats so you can get a feel for the next 2 weeks of posts at a glance.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.10.18 AM.png
Upcoming Posts View

On 9/26 we released a product we’ve been working on for a while now – Cloud Campaign Analytics.  We created a curated list of top-performing companies analytics, as well as added analytics to everyone’s accounts.  For the free account you can view 7 days of historical analytics.  With the paid version, you can go back 60 days, and soon we’ll allow a year of historical analytics.

It’s a great way to see how your posts have influenced your followers.


BuzzFeed’s Twitter Analytics

Raw Stats

  • Time since inception: ~5 months (April 19th)
  • Time since Beta launch: 3 month (June 26th)
  • Total Page Views: 5969 (+22%)
  • Unique Visitors: 2525 (+14.5%)
  • Subscribers: 284 (+30.3%)
  • Conversion Rate for the month: 13.3% (+52.3%)

Customer Metrics

  • Customers: 210 (+55.5%)
  • Triggers Created:  322 (+32%)

Ad Spend

  • Facebook: $9.05
  • Google AdWords: $25.32
  • CTR: 1.36%
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.26.24 AM
September Pageviews

We’re starting to see a pattern of traffic spiking during the week and then cooling off over the weekend, which I think is a really promising start.  Tire kickers are being replaced by active users.


Social Following

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