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#SocialSkim – Week of July 1st

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This week in social media:

Twitter Releases Ad Transparency Center

Twitter has launched a new transparency center which will allow users to view all ads being run by any given Twitter profile. As described by twitter:

“Similar to the search experience on Twitter, to view ads from any advertiser you will be able to simply search for a specific handle and see the creative for all ad campaigns that have run within the last 7 days from that handle”

Twitter hopes to address the issues regarding its influence in the 2016 election with increased transparency. Through this platform, users will be able to view a breadth of ad data including billing information, ad spend, and the demographic targeting options being used.

Facebook Adds New Level of Transparency for Ads and Pages

Similar to Twitter, Facebook is acting on their stated goal of increasing transparency. According to Rob Leathern, Director of Product Management, and Emma Rodgers, Product Marketing Director:

“Today we’re making significant steps to bring more transparency to ads and pages on Facebook. Giving people more information about any organization and the ads it’s currently running will mean increased accountability for advertisers, helping to prevent abuse on Facebook.”

One of the features released by Facebook is the capability to view active ads. Users now have the ability to see the ads a page is running across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other partner networks. By visiting a page and clicking “Info and Ads”, users can view ad creative and copy, and can flag anything suspicious by clicking on “Report Ad”.

Facebook Keyword Snooze: “A New Way to Help Control Your News Feed”

To help avoid spoilers online, Facebook is adding “Keyword Snooze” to their suite of news feed controls. This feature will give users the ability to temporarily hide posts by keywords, which are pulled directly from the text in the post. According to Shruthi Muraleedharan, News Feed Product Manager at Facebook:

“If you choose to “snooze” a keyword, you won’t see posts in your News Feed containing that exact word or phrase from any person, Page or Group for 30 days. In other words, fewer spoilers. “

Facebook Drops the Aquila Drone Project

This week, Facebook announced that it was abandoning its Aquila drone internet connectivity project. The goal of this project was to bring internet access to billions more people in more remote areas of the globe. They have not released much information as to the genesis of this decision, but have hinted that it may be possible to continue this initiative by working with existing airlines. In a release, the team stated:

“Going forward, we’ll continue to work with partners like Airbus and HAPS connectivity generally, and on the other technologies needed to make this system work, like flight control computers and high-density batteries”.


LinkedIn Adds QR Codes to Profiles

LinkedIn has added new QR code functionality to profiles, making it easier than ever to connect. This function aims to take on business cards and has a lot of practical uses in conference settings. As described by their team:

“The next time you’re at an industry event and you meet someone that you want to keep chatting with, open the linkedIn app and scan their QR code to connect and stay in touch. Gone are the days of requesting a business card, asking the person to spell their name, or handing over your phone to make sure you found their profile.” 3x_black.png

LinkedIn Adds Translation Tools

Similar to the existing functionality on other platforms, LinkedIn has finally added the ability for users to translate posts into their local language. As explained by their team:

“To help you keep in touch and understand all of the conversations happening in your LinkedIn feed, we’ve now added the ability to see the translations of posts written in a different languages. This has been one of the most requested features from all of you, and we’re excited to make it easier than ever to stay in touch with the people, companies, and groups you care about – regardless of the language you speak.

Pinterest Adds One Click Saving

In an effort to make saving ideas and content easier,  Pinterest has added one-click Pin saving for desktop. Instead of having to click the save button and choose a board, users can now simply click once to save. 2018-WebSave-screen-GTM-01.jpg
This feature works on Pins users see in search results , home feeds, or following tabs. For quick organization, they also added a drop-down menu for the boards that appear on any Pin a user hovers over.

Instagram Adds Group Calling

Instagram has officially released group calling this week.  They released detailed instructions on how to utilize the feature.

“To start a video chat, swipe into your Direct inbox and open any message thread. Tap the new camera icon in the right corner, and the video chat will ring your friends’ phones so they don’t miss it. While on the video chat, you can minimize the video and multitask on Instagram, sending messages and photos in Direct, browsing your feed, posting a story and more.”


Facebook Bug Temporarily Unblocks over 800,000+

Facebook disclosed this week that around 800,000 users were effected by a bug which silently unblocked “some” of the people they had blocked. According to their release, the bug was live from May 29th until June 5th.

Google Rebrands its Lineup

According to Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior vice president who leads Google’s ad efforts, Google’s suite of ad products is getting rebranded. In a statement Sridhar said”

“This is primarily a name change, but it is indicative of where we have been directing the product… and points to where we want the product to go”.

Google’s lineup will now be divided up into three overarching brands. Adwords will be rebranded as “Google Ads”, which Sridhar said will be “the front door for advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces”. This would include search, display ads, YouTube videos, app ads, location listings in Google Maps, etc. This will just be a superficial name change.
The second brand will be an amalgamation of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360. They will also be introducing a new product named Display & Video 360 which combines features from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, and Studio and Audience Center. This will all now fall under the umbrella of “Google Marketing Platform”. The platform will also include a new integrations center where users will have the ability to view the functionality of all of their Google Tools.
The third and final brand is named Google Ad Manager, and will be a combination of Google’s monetization tools for publishers, i.e. DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Google Launches Smart Campaigns

Google has announced Smart Campaigns will be a default mode to make the platform more accessable to small business advertisers. It will allow these users to identify and prioritize actions such as phone calls, store visits, or purchases, then using machine learning, Google Ads will optimize the images, text and targeting to drive more of these actions.


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