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#SocialSkim Week of June 3rd

This week in social media:

Facebook Removes Trending News

In light of the controversy surrounding the platform, Facebook is removing its trending news section. It will be replaced by a slate of funded news shows on Facebook watch from ABC, CNN, Fox News, Univision, and more. According to Campbell Brown, Head of Global News Partnerships at  Facebook:
Picture1“Watch is the destination on Facebook where people come together around video. We’ve seen that people enjoy coming to Watch to find timely, relevant content and to catch up with the publishers and creators they care about. We think that this is a great opportunity to test a viewing destination for high-quality news content within Watch and are excited about the possibilities here with the broader ecosystem of news publishers.”
Additionally, according to Alex Hardiman, Head of News and Products at Facebook, all products and third-party partner integrations that rely on the Trending will be removed.

Instagram releases more information on algorithm

Also this week, Instagram released greater detail on the inner workings of its new algorithm. According to their team, users were missing 70% of all posts and 50% of friends posts before scrapping the chronological feed in 2016. The new relevancy sorting has led to users seeing 90% of their friends’ posts and spending more time in the app. The new algorithm relies on three main elements:

  • Interest: The algorithm will estimate how likely you are to engage in a piece of content based on previous interactions with similar content
  • Relationship: Instagram now analyzes your previous interactions with the posting account. The algorithm takes into account everything from likes, comments, and shares, to direct messages and post tags.
  • Recency: The post date is also taken into consideration.

Additional factors the algorithm takes into consideration include frequency, following, and usage.


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