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#SocialSkim – Week of June 18th

This week in social media:

LinkedIn Kudos

According to  LinkedIn, 7/10 employees who receive appreciation for their work say they are happy with their job.  “Kudos” provides a new fun and easy way to share appreciation for people in your professional community. To use this feature, simply click on the ribbon icon in the share box of the news feed, select the person or persons you wish to send the kudos to, select the sticker, and click send.
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.20.43 AM 1.png

LinkedIn Hashtags

Similar to Instagram, you can now follow hashtags on LinkedIn to see relevant content from outside of your network in your feed.
For marketers, this is just more incentive to use hashtags in your LinkedIn posts to reach a larger audience.



Twitter Launches a New Informative Website “Twitter Media”

Twitter has launched a new website dedicated to helping media and publishing companies maximize their tweets and get the most out of the platform. The new site is named Twitter Media, and provides resources and guides for all of the platform’s various features. Additionally, they provide highlighted case studies demonstrating best practices.  Twitter’s description reads:

“Twitter Media allows us to scale our team’s work by giving content publishers a resource that’s both inspirational and practical, featuring best practices from the most successful content publishers across Twitter, the latest information about new products and features designed specifically for content publishers, and an easy-to-navigate help section curating answers to the most common questions we get from content publishers every day.”

Shoppable Instagram Stickers

Brands will soon be able to tag specific products in their stories with shoppable stickers. Followers will have the ability to tap these stickers which will provide them with additional information and ultimately a purchase link. These shoppable stickers can be placed on videos or images, and come in 4 different categories. These are as follows:  Location stickers, a shopping bag icon, the product name in rainbow or gray, or translucent text.
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 12.11.33 AM.png

Instagram to add new Long Form Video Hub

It seems Instagram is looking to make its mark in the video space.  A long form video hub could position Instagram as a good alternative for YouTube and Snapchat Discover.
Instagram invited reports to an event on June 20th to make the official announcement.  Rumors have already been circulating that they’ve partnered with content creators and influencers to already begin adding long video content to the platform so there will be videos to watch when the new feature is opened to the public.

Snapchat releases new APIs with an emphasis on security “Snap Kit”.

Snapchat has finally launched a new “true” developers platform. This new set of APIs will allow other apps to utilize Snapchat’s login for signup,  create shareable branded stickers with referral links, and display public “our stories”.
Snapchat has made privacy a focal point on these new API changes. The new Snap kit does not allow the user to share social graphs with apps and will sever connections with apps after 90 days of inactivity. Furthermore, apps will not be permitted to ask for emails, followers, age, gender, location, or phone numbers. Current launch partners include  Tinder, Postmates, and Patreon. In order to access the new snap kit, brands must first pass a human interview and go through the approval process.

Snapchat adds the ability to delete messages

Snapchat is now allowing users to retract sent messages through the new feature “clear chats”. By simply holding down on a video, memory, sticker, audio, or text, a message will appear with a delete option. This is set to roll out globally over the next few weeks.

Tap and hold a message to delete it.

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