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Understanding your Social Media Analytics

Analytics are only valuable if you can understand them.  Let’s dive into Cloud Campaign‘s social media analytics to help you better interpret them.


Reach / Impressions: The number of times a given post was viewed (not unique users)
Engagement: Likes, comments, or shares
Post Type: A type of post defined by its characteristics (ex: image post with short text containing hashtags and a link)

The Activity Feed

The activity feed is comprised of your most recent social media posts.  Here you can see live engagement including likes, comments, shares, and reach.
untitled (8).png
Hovering over any of the ‘engagement bars’ will reveal more information.  Both the absolute count and the percent of maximum for all of your posts.
For example, if 2 comments correlates to 100%, that means the most comments on a given post in the feed is 2.

Historical Analytics (Followers)

Choose between any of the accounts you manage to view that account’s historical analytics.
Choose the date range that you’re interested in or use one of our presets.  Both the Business and Enterprise plan allow you to look back 1 year.
Click the cloud icon to download the analytics as a ZIP containing CSV files.
Click the share icon to create a client report with a publicly shareable link.  The link is automatically copied to your clipboard.
In the top left, you will notice your total follower account and the percent change in followers.  If the change is positive, the text will be green.  If negative, the text will be red.
Just below the Follower numbers, you’ll notice deltas.  Deltas represent change in followers during the specified time period.
This main graph contains line charts for both the number of followers and number of followees.  Followers are people that follow your account.  Followees are accounts or people that you follow.
This graph also contains a bar chart showing the deltas for each day and annotations if you’ve added any.  Click ‘+ Add Annotation’ to create a new annotation to mark key events.

Historical Analytics (Posts)

The post engagement graph will show historical engagement for all of your posts during the specified time period including likes, comments, shares, and reach.
Hover over a given post to see the exact engagement numbers.  Click on the icons in the legend to toggle any of the metrics.
To the right, you’ll notice the total number of posts that were published during that period.  Plus any percent change if applicable.
The engagement section contains total engagement for all posts in the given time period including likes, comments, shares, and reach.

Insights (High-Level)

Use the dropdown to change the account in focus.
View high-level textual insights to get a quick understanding of how to better engage your followers.  Learn what type of posts your audience responds best to, the best time to post, and more.

Insights (Post Types)

View all of the data backing our insights.
The first chart is post type distribution.  Essentially how many of each post type has been published on social media to the account of choice.
The second chart is engagement by post type.  Where your likes, comments, and shares are coming from.  Which post types are most engaging to your followers.
Click the icons in the top right to cycle between likes, comments, and shares attribution distribution.
The bottom section contains engagement breakdown by post type.  Hover over any of the ‘engagement bars’ to see exact numbers and percent of the total.
If you get stuck along the way or need any help understanding your analytics, feel free to drop us a message using the built-in chat.  Simply click the chat icon in the lower right corner from any screen within the web-app.

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