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Weekly Agency Spotlight — Seriously Creative

This week we are excited to feature Seriously Creative in our weekly spotlight.
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The Background

Seriously Creative is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Victoria and Vancouver, British Colombia. They are an expanding award-winning company whom in their own words “measures their success by the success of their clients”.
Their team loves creating custom designs, exciting marketing campaigns, and functional websites, and more importantly, they also have the experience to back it up. They have been working in the marketing space for almost 20 years, with expertise in social media, SEO, graphic design, and web hosting.
We had the chance to speak with Brianna Green, the marketing director for Seriously Creative.  Brianna attended the University of Victoria where she earned her Bachelors Degree in English language and literature, and also a diploma in public relations, advertising, and applied communication. She was kind enough to give some very helpful insights on what SMB’s can expect in effectively managing a social media presence.

Social Media Advice for SMBs

Setting Realistic Goals
Brianna informed us that the most common goals clients approach them with are directly revenue focused. She advised that it is at times hard to explicitly attribute sales to social media. Yes, you can monitor direct traffic from link clicks, but this neglects many of the other facets social media provides.
Social media involves branding. It is one touch point in the customer acquisition process.  Customers want to be able to interact with their favorite brands online and want to see that a brand is active on social media. It keeps a brand top of mind for a consumer, so when they do decide to pull the trigger, it may be from a direct input and would be unattributable back to social media. Social media encompasses the big picture of marketing.
What to Expect for Ad Campaigns
Brianna went on to provide us with more information on what a company can expect to pay to effectively run an ad campaign. She educated us on the fact that with all of the recent red tape policies and algorithm changes to facebook, organic management must be supplemented with paid ads.
To further highlight Brianna’s point, currently, less than 5% of a companies audience actually will see any given organic post. This number can vary drastically depending on the size and scope of a company, but for a ballpark reference, a company should be prepared to spend at a minimum of $300 per month in strictly social ad spend. Brianna also emphasized the importance of creating the most efficient social strategy possible to get the most out of these campaigns.
Organic Social Media Marketing
In addition to the capital contribution, companies should also expect to spend quite a bit of time managing social media. The old social proverb is:

If your company is not active on social media, then it shouldn’t have a page

If patrons see inactivity and poor social management, they will often see that as a warning sign, even pernicious business.  It can be indicative of your responsiveness and attentiveness.
Brianna went on to suggest that if a company wants to effectively manage social media, they should be prepared to spend between 4-6 hours per week doing so. Again, Brianna emphasized the importance of strategy.
Scheduling social media posts ahead of time across all channels can be an easy way to significantly reduce the workload and amount of time spent each week.  And developing a strategy for what type of content gets posted when, will help take a lot of the guesswork out of it.
Tracking Performance
At Seriously Creative, they really delve deep into insights and analytics to make sure a company truly understands their audience and is getting the most out of every dollar they spend. This strategy development process is very intricate and time-consuming, especially to those who, unlike Brianna, may not be experts in the field.
Lastly, Brianna emphasized the importance of staying dynamic with content. People now have very small attention spans and will quickly disregard content which is not up to date.
Once again we would like to thank Brianna Green and the Seriously Creative team.
You can learn more about Seriously Creative here:

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